Who are we?

BRASH is a bold, educational theatre company for young people that strives to make sex and relationships education relevant, empowering, and unafraid.


We make work for educational & community settings and for professional theatre venues. 


As the new RSE curriculum becomes compulsory from September 2020, BRASH is here to support schools in the delivery of this programme through dynamic ways of learning through theatre. We offer both pre-made packages and bespoke projects, depending on your needs. 

BRASH has gained a reputation for delivering the best and boldest educational theatre for young people in the region. We have worked in collaboration with the likes of Northern Stage, Live Theatre, Streetwise Young People's Project, City of Dreams, Byker Community Centre, Alphabetti Theatre, Salford Arts Theatre, and Benfield School. We have been supported by a range of funding bodies including Arts Council England, Virgin Money Foundation, and Sunday for Sammy.

What do we do?

Our shows and creative projects weave together stories through spoken word, punchy dialogue, blistering humour, and visual-audio delight. Our theatre is both the voice of young people and a tool through which young people can get informed and mobilised about sex, health, and relationships.


We also offer interactive workshops and follow up activities for young people and adults who influence their lives, to help participants further explore, process, and take action in relation to the issues raised in our shows and creative projects.

All our work is a direct response to the needs and issues expressed by young people in our face to face work with them. This way our shows make the relationships and sex education specifically relevant to young people in the North East region today. 

What are our strategies and values?

We recognise that the experiences of sex, health, and relationships of young people in the North East are rooted in local communities and political contexts. We believe it is important to acknowledge this in their education. We don’t see sex education as a compartmentalised phenomenon, but as connected to power systems and processes through history reflected in today’s culture. All our work is rooted in the real lives of teenagers living in the North East, and are developed through interactive workshops with teenagers.

We’re not afraid to talk about all those very real things happening in teenagers’ lives that might feel awkward to discuss in the classroom or with parents. We know that avoiding these conversations doesn’t stop teenage experiences from happening, but rather enables them to happen without proper information or confidence. As a team of young people ourselves, teenagers often prefer to explore these experiences through us, independently from adults they already know. Our team is highly trained and experienced in working with young people and we practice a stringent safeguarding policy.


We talk to young people on their level, in their language.

Learn. Question. Take control.

We want teenagers to be informed about the contexts within which their sex, health, and relationship experiences lie. We want to equip them with the tools to question assumptions, inequalities, and expectations related to their experiences. Ultimately we want to empower teenagers to take back control of their experiences by making decisions that are right for them and their peers. We hope to help their generation build a safer, fairer world of sex- and relationship-based experiences.